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Our Process

Measure: We will need to know how many square feet of material you need including finished edges, backsplashes, and cut outs your application requires in order to offer you an accurate quote. Measurements can be taken by you, a trade professional, or by one of our template team members. Floorplans or sketches with dimensions are useful when quoting a job.


Selection: You will need to visit our showroom and warehouse to view the large variety of natural stone slabs and engineered quartz samples we have to choose from to make your selection. Our knowledgeable and informative staff can guide you in your decision making and help you to make the best choice for your space. If you do not find a material you like here, you can visit one of the many local stone distributors to view more options to pull together your design.


Template: Once final selections have been made, we will schedule a time to come to your home and create a template of your actual space. If you prefer, you may visit our showroom and warehouse one last time after template to review which part of the stone slabs your pieces will be cut from. At this time, we can notify you of all seam locations (if applicable). Please note that with the innate color and pattern variations in natural stone, you may be limited to having your stone cut from certain sections of the slabs.


Fabrication: Our experienced fabrication team will cut your stone to size and finish all edges as specified. The stones are sealed with an impregnating 15 year sealer application before leaving our shop.


Installation: Once all pieces have been fabricated, our install team will deliver and install your countertops. Depending on the scale and detail of your project, installation may require a variety of steps to be completed in your home. As a courtesy, we will provide care and maintenance information specific for the material selected after installation is complete.


Maintenance: We recommend using a non-abrasive soap and warm water to clean your granite, rinse with clear water, and dry with a clean, soft cloth. Note: you will want to use a cleaner or disinfectant made specifically for natural stone. These are available at most home centers and hardware stores.

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